3 Tips to Help You Find More Potential Renters

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It’s no secret that good tenants are important for running a successful apartment building. However, in order to find good tenants, you need to be able to advertise your property using the right tools to reach them. After all, a good tenant can’t rent your apartment if they can’t find you.

That said, how can you find more potential renters without sacrificing an arm and a leg on advertisements and digital marketing? Here, we’ve collected a few tips you can use to help market your property to generate greater leads.

Update your property website

Your property website is more important than you think. In fact, up to 94% of people say web design is the reason they mistrust a website. If your website is difficult to navigate, isn’t attractive, and has outdated font choices and harsh colors, potential tenants will see this as a sign that you won’t be a great property owner to work with. After all, if your website is in bad shape, then what does that say about the apartments you’re advertising? Take care of your property website like it’s your pride and joy. Make sure it’s as user friendly as possible and uses modern web design techniques.

Advertise your properties on real estate apps

Between 20% and 22% of users are open to using a combination of web apps and RCS, and many tenants use their smartphones just as much as they use their computers. It’s not enough to have a good website design. You also need to be sure you’re able to reach your audience where they are. That means advertising your properties not just on real estate websites but also on apartment-search apps.

Just make sure that you use the right apps. You want to make sure that the apps you choose don’t get deleted like how Fortnite was banned from Google Play and Apple App stores. Currently, the best real estate apps include:

  • Zillow
  • RedFin
  • Bigger Pockets
  • LoopNet
  • Realtor.com
  • Trulia
  • Homesnap

Use your social media channels

Social media is essential to getting news about your properties out there to your audience. Not only does social media give you the ability to advertise your company but it also gives you the chance to market your specific apartments for rent. For instance, Facebook Marketplace allows tenants to search for potential apartments in their local areas. Take advantage of your social media channels by putting up photos and ads that are good for your brand.

It can be challenging to reach new tenants online, but by following the tips above, you can reach a wider audience and expand your search for good tenants.

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