Always Get a Radon Test Before Buying A Home

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One of the most important things homeowners should do when buying a home is to get educated on radon. Never heard of radon before? Here’s what it is and why testing a home for it is crucial.

What is Radon?

Radon is a naturally forming gas that can be deadly if homeowners aren’t careful. It’s created when elements like uranium and radium break down in the soil and emit radioactive gas. It’s an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that gets into your home through cracks and openings.

Why is Radon Dangerous?

Radon is dangerous because it’s radioactive. Radon is also the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. If people breathe air containing radon, they’re increasing their risk of respiratory illness. It’s estimated that one in 15 homes in the United States have radon levels at or above the EPA action level, so homeowners need to know which level their home is at for their safety.

Why Should Buyers Ask About Radon?

Prospective homeowners should ask about radon to know what the radon risks are in their potential home. If there’s a high level of radon in the house, they can work with the owners to take care of it before closing. Typically, it takes 65 days to sell a home. If there’s a high level of radon in the home, the prospective buyer has time to get it taken care of professionally before moving in.

What Should You Do if a Home Has High Levels of Radon?

If your home is tested and has high levels of radon, the first thing to do is seal foundation cracks to prevent more radon from entering. You can also hire professionals to install a radon-reduction system. They may need to rent a vehicle to do this. The revenue of truck, utility trailer, and RV rental and leasing in the U.S. is estimated to reach $22.1 billion by 2024, so if they need to rent a vehicle, it may increase the price of their services. The key is to get it taken care of quickly, so no one’s health is jeopardized.

Radon can be incredibly dangerous if not taken care of. That’s why it’s so important to know what radon is, how to find it, and what to do to get rid of it. The more proactive homeowners are with taking care of it, the more they’ll protect their health.

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