Great Property Improvements Tips for the DIY-Challenged Landlord

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Landscaping projects can increase a home’s overall resale value by 14%, and spending even as little as 5% of your home’s value on certain landscaping jobs can yield a return on investment (ROI) of as much as 150%. Clearly DIY landscaping projects are great for property owners looking to improve the look and feel of their property, as well as earn some more money when it comes time to sell. But interior home remodeling jobs can be just as effective. A recent survey found that roughly two-thirds of homeowners are planning on renovating their homes in the near future.

But while there are plenty of great jobs that can improve your property’s look and value, not all landlords are blessed with the DIY and home improvement skills needed to complete them. Fortunately, there are some simple starter projects that can help you build your skills. Hopefully, these DIY home remodeling and landscaping tips can help you get started.

Outdoor Landscaping

    • Use a tarp — Using a tarp can be great for landscaping projects because you can move large piles of leaves, weeds, brush, and more, an otherwise time consuming and labor intensive task. Also, when digging a hole in your yard, you can use the tarp to hold soil to keep the grass clean and healthy.
    • Use starter fertilizer — Starter fertilizers can give a significant boost to your new plantings. Whenever you plant anything new in your yard, which will certainly improve its look and value, consider using starter fertilizers to help increase the soil area.
    • Use evergreens and foliage plants for continuity — Using these lovely green plants can provide plenty of color and variety to your garden and the rest of your landscape alike. Additionally, they will provide continuity across your entire property and a touch of green throughout the year.
    • Incorporate hardscape designs — You don’t only have to plant flowers and trim trees in order to increase your home’s resale value. Hardscaping projects can give your property a fantastic new look and yield a very high ROI. Outlining your home or garden with a stone pathway or adding hardscape features such as a patio or deck can greatly improve the look and feel of your property. With more functional outdoor space to grill and entertain, buyers are more likely to submit higher offers.

Interior Home Remodeling

    • Gather all your materials first — The worst mistake you can make during a home remodeling DIY project is to start without the proper tools or materials. If you don’t have everything you need before you begin, you might hit a brick wall and have trouble ever finishing the project you started. Similarly, it’s best to ensure that you have everything early on so you don’t have to spend a fortune on new tools when the time comes.
    • Update your home’s flooring — Giving your floors a new look is another great way to increase your property’s resale value. Start by removing damaged laminate boards and replace them with newer, nicely stained boards. However, if replacing your flooring is beyond your DIY abilities, simply cleaning your carpets, hardwood, or tile is a great first step.
    • Start with the quick projects — To fully maximize your home’s value, planning multiple DIY remodeling projects is your best bet. One or two large projects might bring in the largest return, but they will also take much longer to complete. So starting with the simplest projects and finishing them first will help you get the ball rolling. As you continue, you’ll be increasing your home’s resale value every step of the way.
    • Do plenty of research — Whether you’re starting your very first home remodeling job or your 100th, you need to do plenty of research before any DIY project. There are hundreds of sources online where you can gather information, read step-by-step guides, and watch DIY videos. Finally, even though it’s a DIY project, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to a professional about certain tips and specific ideas.

No matter what kind of DIY project you have in mind, from major landscaping design jobs to small interior improvement tasks, as long as you’re going in with the right materials and the right knowledge, you should be fine.

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