Homeowners Increasingly Choosing Different Options Than the Traditional Roof

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When it comes to their roofs, homeowners are changing things up. Asphalt has been a popular material for some time now, but lately more options are coming into the market.

One example of this is metal roofing. A good 80% of the homes in the United States are covered with asphalt shingles, but instead of replacing them, homeowners are going the metal route. According to data reported on MarketsInsider, the market share for residential re-roofing increased to 14% last year, which was a growth of 3% than the year before.

The MarketsInsider poll shows that homeowners are choosing metal roofing for a wide variety of reasons: such as its versatility, sustainability, and overall attractiveness. Additionally, the fact that metal roofing can last a lifetime, whereas materials like asphalt require replacing every 10 to 20 years, is especially enticing.

Renee Ramey, the executive director of the Metal Roofing Alliance summarizes these reasons to MarketsInsider:

“When it’s time to re-roof, more homeowners than ever are choosing metal. Savvy consumers have done their homework, and know that a quality metal roofing system will reduce energy costs and provide decades of protection. In addition, quality metal roofs hold up very well during extreme weather conditions including heavy snow, high winds, heavy rain and wildfires.”

In addition to metal roofing, solar panel roofing is becoming more and more popular. As of right now, there are two companies in the middle of developing solar shingles for residential use: Elon Musk’s Tesla and GAF Materials Corporation. But while Tesla is known as a forward-thinking company, many consumers are concerned about how they plan to successfully enter the roofing industry. GAF, on the other hand, is the largest commercial and residential roofing manufacturer in North America.

GAF recently released its plan for solar shingles. In it, each solar shingle would need a junction box to export power to the home, which would make the system a bit more expensive but it would be much more energy efficient. Even still, GAF predicts that the overall cost of the solar panels wouldn’t be more than a 10 to 15% premium over the cost of a normal roof.

These solar panels would be installed on the center of the roof, and then they would be surrounded with normal shingles. Much of the assembly would happen on the ground, meaning that the installers won’t have to do much work on a pitched roof. This process would make the solar panel waterproof, and it would act much like a skylight in the home in that the homeowner can see out of it from inside the home.

So with these two methods in mind, gone are the days of typical roofing shingles and in are the days where the options can help to create the look of a whole new home.

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