How Can Property Managers Keep Tenants Safe in the Colder Months?

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As a property owner or manager, you have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do you need to ensure that your property is in good shape, but you need to make sure your tenants are safe as well. Safety is always a priority, but even more so in the colder months. With about 31 million injuries that require medical attention occurring every year, it’s crucial that property managers minimize the risk of injury. And with winter just around the corner, it’s important to know how to keep your tenants safe around the snow and ice. So let’s take a look at a few key tips to keep your tenants safe this fall and winter.

First off, it’s important to focus on entryways in the fall and winter seasons. Entryways are often a place where debris like leaves and twigs can pile up in the fall and ice can form in the winter. So this is why it’s crucial that entryways are taken care of properly. Outdoor lighting is something that every property should have, especially by entrances. This can help tenants and guests find their way in the dark and ensure they don’t trip over anything. Additionally, entrances should be thoroughly cleaned and de-iced as necessary to minimize the risk of someone falling and getting hurt. With one million Americans sustaining injuries caused by slip and fall accidents every year, it’s important for property managers to make sure wet or icy conditions don’t cause harm to their tenants. Taking proper care of entryways becomes increasingly important as fall turns into winter and the days become shorter.

Along with taking care of entryways, property managers should finalize their snow and ice removal plans as winter nears. Parking lots, sidewalks, and other pathways all need to be taken care of after snowfall. Additionally, outdoor staircases should be properly salted to make sure no one slips on them — already, more than one million Americans get injured on stairs each year, so it’s crucial to further minimize that risk. While some property managers require their tenants to take care of snow removal themselves, if it’s not done properly then tenants could slip and get hurt. This is why it’s generally easier for property managers to handle snow removal themselves. This ensures the job gets done and minimizes the risk of lawsuits.

It’s also important for property managers to understand the increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in the colder months. As the weather turns cold, tenants are more likely to turn on the fireplace or furnace for longer periods of time. And while this can be great to keep them warm, carbon monoxide is increased. So before we get too far into the fall season, it’s crucial that carbon monoxide detectors are tested and replaced as necessary. While this may seem like a hassle to do, it’s essential that tenants have functioning detectors to make sure they stay not only warm but safe as well. This can also be a great time to go over any safety rules or protocols for tenants in regards to fireplaces, furnaces, and heaters.

All in all, it’s a good idea for property owners and managers to take extra safety precautions as the months continue to get colder. There are a lot of hazards in the fall and winter months, so it’s important they’re taken care of.

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