Should You Let Your Tenants Host for Airbnb?

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Airbnb is an app that’s been described as Uber, but for hotels instead of taxis. The short version is that someone who wants to let out a room can sign up with the service, and act as a kind of freelance hotel. And while that’s fine for property owners, it can become a serious headache for tenants who want to let out a bedroom (or even their entire apartment).

Should You Say Yes?

To their credit, Airbnb makes it clear that if someone is renting a property, then they have to get their landlord’s permission in order to be an Airbnb host. As Learn Airbnb points out, if your landlord says no, then that’s pretty much the end of that negotiation.

While there are certainly legal concerns you need to address, you should consider the matter seriously rather than just saying “no” outright.

Location, Location, Location

A big part of whether you say yes will depend on where your properties are located. The laws impacted to become an Airbnb host are dependent on location. Some cities and states, for example, require additional licensing if someone is going to operate as part of this service. Additionally, you may find that liability is an issue with heavy penalties to pay from your insurer. You may also be concerned about who is staying in your rental properties, especially if the tenants are renting out their entire apartment to their guests and not just a spare bedroom.

Once those concerns are addressed, though, it’s important to look at the facts as they stand. Because, depending on your properties and the tenants making the request, this might be something you’re fine with. In some cases, it might be a useful way to fill some of your empty properties in the short term.

Learn More About Working With Airbnb

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