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If you're the smartest person on your team your team is in trouble

Providing support to your real estate management team is vital to your team’s ongoing success. A supporting team that is focused on helping guide your organization through all phases of asset and property management. Your organization’s growth is highly influenced by its team members.

Award-winning asset management & property Management Consulting


We wrote the book on multifamily operations. Our objective is to provide owners and developers insight into their operations to create consistency and probability through best practices.


Using our over two decades of experience we help your organization review and assess your management systems and operations to help to help you achieve greater asset performance.


For over 20 years we have provided both the multi family and real estate industry with some of the best coaching, property management strategies, system-implementation , and training across the asset lifecycle.


Our approach to to navigating the five phases, acquisition, implementation, stabilization, growth and finally exit strategy is designed to help owners and managers consistently and profitably navigate each phase.

Understanding your companies “WHY”

Understanding the unique “Why” behind Your company team members and leadership. When a team understands the “Why” they will develop the mentality necessary to achieve the company’s goals and purpose.

Creating a culture in the understanding and motivation to fulfill the “Why” will provide the necessary.

Framework for the team to remain motivated in fulfilling the goals, especially during trying and difficult times/situations. 

As your consultant, our job is to help Your team find its “Why” and have that remain at the forefront of your company’s culture. Giving your team the “Why” transforms self-interest into shared interest.

Don’t allow your Company/team to move forward without understanding the organization’s purpose.

  • If the purpose is the “Why”, then vision is the WHAT. What is to be accomplished?
  • What will the organization look like when the purpose is realized?
  • Both purpose and vision together create the foundation for strong leadership.
  • Finally, we can focus on strategy and define the HOW.

How you and your organization are going to use the tools, techniques and best practices to reach your company‘s purpose! 

BRP Professional helps property management companies, private equity firms and public housing authorities develop and create customizable systems and solutions for both single-family and multi family operations

  • We work alongside onsite resident managers, leasing agents, marketing departments, concierge services, and maintenance teams to build a framework for future success across the asset management life cycle.

  • We assess how your current business works, how your team applies the training they currently have, and other key details to create the best practices framework to ensure your organization’s future success.

  • With an understanding of how your on-site team works, BRP can provide the training and support necessary to equip your team with the tools and skills they need to enhance your team’s professionalism, services, and morale across the asset life cycle.

  • Our oversight and expert analysis can help your business reach regulatory compliance, greater accuracy in Weekly, monthly, and annual reporting and its documentation, and enhance organizational structures no matter their complexity or simplicity.

How Do We Help?

Our proprietary evaluation process focuses on The key elements that impact both, day-to-day operations and more importantly the management plan. Here are some of the areas we focus on:We work side-by-side with property owners/organizations to help navigate each of these five phases.

Our proprietary evaluation process focuses on The key elements that impact both, day-to-day operations and more importantly the management plan. Here are some of the areas we focus on

  • Resolve occupancy issues
  • Reduce high employee turnover
  • Customize plans for the stabilization of sites
  • Reallocate expenditures to correctly address needs
  • Engineer solutions for long-term financial planning (including the review and assessment of T12 Profit and Loss reports)
  • Analyze problematic assets to improve financial performance
  • Thoroughly review operational financial performance
  • Update policies and procedures that cover the asset life cycle
  • Review critical KPIs and financial reporting 
  • Assess company software, tools, and competence levels
  • Diagnose internal and external staff performance
  • Assess logistics and asset compliance
  • Review resident benefit packages and upsell opportunities
  • Analyze cash and accrual accounting
  • Identify budgetary constraints and optimize spending
  • Comprehensively review marketing strategies and performance.

Creating An Optimized Plan

Understanding that the issues and concerns of each organization differ, BRP Consulting & Coaching™️ will review each client’s requests on a case-by-case basis, offering customize solution frameworks suited to the needs of your Business/organization. Our method includes a complete evaluation of the asset management/property management lifecycle by taking a look at each phase and ensuring each sequence is developed and written out as a process and workflow that is documented and the management plan allows for ongoing adjustments as needed.

BRP Professional inspects, what you expect!

At BRP Professional™️ our main priority is to help your organization reach its goals established by ownership. Our proprietary evaluation process provides a forensic audit of your organization from top to bottom. Upon completion, you can establish a customized management plan that directs your asset and on-site management team on budgeting, reporting & daily operations.

How we guide you through the Property Management and Asset Management lifecycle


Bryan M. Chavis

A Simon & Schuster, best-selling author with one of a handful of books in the US Library of Congress on Real Estate. His book “Buy It, Rent It, Profit is ranked #4 on the National Association of Realtors “Top Real Estate Books” list.

A seasoned trainer, who’s coached and trained high-profile clients like Keller Williams Realty, Miami Association of Realtors, and the City of Tampa. A captivating speaker. A real estate investor and property manager with two decades of experience. There are many ways you can describe Bryan Chavis, but one comes to mind above all else: a tenacious entrepreneur.

Bryan has spent over a decade in the multifamily industry where he helped to manage/operate several apartment communities consisting of thousands of rental units. Bryan was also a Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) instructor for the National Apartment Association.

As a consultant/coach Bryan has won awards for agencies such as the Tampa Housing Authority he has also helped develop landlord training programs for The City of Tampa.

His bestselling books, Buy It, Rent It, Profit and The Landlord Entrepreneur, are considered essential guides for investors looking to build lasting wealth through multifamily real estate and property management.

While at the helm of his private equity and asset management firm Chavis Capital, he also co-founded Buy It, Rent It, Profit Education and Bryan Chavis Coaching & Consulting a global leader in consulting,
coaching and training for Multifamily investors, landlords, asset managers & property managers.

Under Bryan’s leadership, these companies have developed one of the industry’s most recognized property management certifications, which has trained more than 100,000 investors. Bryan has also captivated audiences across the county as an in-demand speaker.

What Real Estate Investors Are saying about our program:

Develop Your Talent with Award-winning Certifications & Designations

Certifications from Buy It, Rent It, Profit Education are recognized as the marks of true expertise and a well-managed rental portfolio.


Property Management Certification®

Master property management with the PPMC


Rental Investment Specialist®

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Multifamily Operations Consultant®

Become the apartment operations expert


BRP Professional offers a variety of pricing packages. With the demands of each company differing, we will review each client’s requests on a case-by-case basis, offering custom package solutions suited to the needs of your business. Our method includes a full review and development of the property management lifecycle by looking at each stage and ensuring each sequence is developed and written out as a process and workflow.

Remote Consulting

Our distance package is designed to address your needs from anywhere.

$ 5000*
Per Month
  • Weekly consulting sessions, which include coaching to guide and implement services in areas of opportunity
  • Deliverables (dependent on the specific need of the project)
    **see below examples
  • Possible third-party solutions
  • Technology & operation solutions
  • Exclusive customization of software/systems
  • Logistics assessment (scope of business/structure & needs)
  • Development of an operational overview to include strategy priorities & initiatives
  • Talent Development
  • Implementation
  • Business process overview
  • Assessment of profitability
  • **Value propositions
    Mission & vision statements
    Growth initiatives & marketing strategy/campaigns
    Goals & Objectives
    Processes & workflows
    Best Methods & Practices
    Reporting mechanisms
    Customized Job Descriptions
    Customized Roles & Responsibilities
    Third-party software solutions (if applicable)
    Systems, Manuals, and Applications
    Revenue & Fee Structure overview
*starting at $5000/mo

On-site Consulting

Our elite package offering direct care and solutions from the source.

$ 2000*
Per Day
  • Assessment of business first-hand
  • Creation of Personalized Roadmap for Operations
  • Talent Development/Team Training
  • Implementation & Product Training
    (if applicable)
  • Development of needed workflows/processes
  • Remote Consulting continuation
*minimum 2 day onsite required

Custom Pricing

Our customized package built to address your unique needs.

  • Available as a per-hour rate for smaller projects
  • Available for consulting review & analysis of multi-family sites
  • Special projects
  • Training
  • And more…

All prices in US Dollars