(PODCAST) Ep. 149 Bryan Chavis: How Continuing Real Estate Education Can Open New Doors on Your Multifamily Journey

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The path to real estate investing requires two things: perseverance and know-how. You need perseverance to keep hitting the markets; networking and finding deals, but first you need to real estate investing works.

Often when we see or hear stories of struggling investors, they are missing one of these two fundamentals. You may be able to get by for awhile with investing blindly, but more often than not, that ends up getting you burned. Maybe you understand investing in a certain asset class – say single-family homes. However, you don’t know what you don’t know. There may be other opportunities out there for you to scale your investing, but if you don’t educate yourself, you may never find them. A willingness to learn and adapt your strategy is essential for any investor. If you are starting on your multifamily journey, a continuing real estate education is the best way to open new doors and discover new opportunities.

Bryan Chavis is an active multifamily investor as well as author, blogger, educator. His best-selling books Landlord Entrepreneur and Buy It, Rent It Profit, outline the financial draws of investing in multifamily rentals. He also runs the Landlord Academy, through which he shares his knowledge and experience of owning and managing multifamily rentals and coaches others how to do the same. Bryan is a testament to how a continuing real estate education can open new doors on your multifamily journey. The road may get rocky and Bryan will be the first to tell you that you’re going to experience setbacks, knowledge and perseverance will see you through.

After realizing the path to his multifamily journey was appearing before him Bryan dedicated himself to learning and understanding multifamily investing with a holistic approach. Bryan worked his way up, starting on the leasing side and working his way into property management. This experience showed him the cashflow potential of multifamily properties and he was able to leverage that property management experience into equity ownership deals. By dedicating himself to a multi-faceted approach to his real estate education, Bryan managed to leverage his skills and experience into a strategy that works.

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