2-Day Conference




Join us for an extraordinary two-day live training course, captured from the BRP Live Today Conference, featuring Bryan Chavis – Simon & Schuster best-selling author, founder of Chavis Capital, and a recognized leader in multi-family housing. This dynamic conference dives into the critical aspects of multi-family and single-family real estate, focusing on establishing a robust business foundation. Bryan, alongside esteemed guest experts, explores a range of topics including corporate entity strategies, real estate investment techniques, commercial development, and the intricacies of real estate finance.

Day One:

  • Navigating Real Estate Investment: Understanding the 5 Phases of building a real estate investment business.
  • SEOTA™ Process Mastery: Learn to align tenant prospects with appropriate asset classes for project success.
  • Blueprint for Multi-Family Investing: From evaluation to management plan development and operational strategies.
  • In-depth Cash Flow Analysis: Measuring and managing cash flows effectively.
  • Case Study Analysis: Hands-on experience in underwriting and analyzing multi-family assets with a focus on Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac lending.
  • Uncovering Underwriting Blind Spots: A deep dive into the complexities and potential pitfalls in multifamily syndication and underwriting.

Day Two:

  • Strategic Corporate Entity Formation: Best practices for structuring corporate entities in real estate investment.
  • Developing Effective Management Plans: Crafting and implementing comprehensive property management plans.
  • Budgeting Excellence: Differentiating between cash flow and operating budgets, including variance and dashboard reporting.
  • Property Management Operations: Insight into management responsibilities, agreements, and performance evaluation.
  • Asset Management Framework: Setting up systems and resources for effective asset management.
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction: Strategies to mitigate maintenance costs and its impact on property value.
  • Eviction Process Insights: Guided by a landlord-tenant eviction attorney.

Ongoing Support with Membership Platform:

As a member of Buy it Rent it PROFIT Education™️, continuous support is a cornerstone of our commitment:

  • Access to Extensive Training Library: A comprehensive collection of courses and resources, keeping you updated and informed.
  • Advanced Tools and Resources: Including business systems, procedural manuals, forms, templates, and more for effective real estate management and investment.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a community of professionals, sharing insights and experiences.

This course isn’t just about learning; it’s about equipping you with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to excel in the real estate industry, whether in multi-family or single-family sectors. Join us to elevate your real estate investment and management skills to new heights.

BRP Live Today Conference training course:
“Alongside the BRP Live Today Conference training, participants will receive a suite of meticulously designed materials to enhance their learning experience. This includes a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, which serves as a visual roadmap through the various topics covered in the conference. Each slide is crafted to aid understanding, highlight key points, and facilitate a deeper engagement with the content. Complementing this is a complete training workbook, an invaluable resource for attendees. This workbook is not just a reference tool; it’s a hands-on, interactive companion that allows for note-taking, exercises, and personal reflections. It’s structured to mirror the conference’s flow, ensuring a cohesive and integrated learning journey. Together, these materials are designed to reinforce the lessons learned, making the complex world of real estate investment and management both accessible and actionable.”