Company Brochure


Startups and real estate investment companies need marketing materials to hand out to investors – even before they have a deal or a securities offering in hand. We can help you portray your company as a professional investment company.





We can create a Company Brochure for your startup or real estate investment company. Our copy editing services will ensure that you have a professionally drafted and designed Company Brochure to show prospective investors that you mean business. Whether you meet them at networking events, invited seminars, one-on-one, or online, you will have a polished Company Brochure that the investor can take home and share with other decision-makers (i.e., spouses or significant others) when considering an investment in your company.


Your Company Brochure can be printed on card or magazine stock or you can choose the option to post it on your website or ours in digital online, magazine format. The typical Company Brochure will include a description of your company, its vision and mission statement, and biographies of key principals.

Our flat-rate fee includes drafting, editing, graphic design and review by a Corporate Securities Attorney and up to 3 rounds of revision; additional time is billed at $200/hour.

Digital magazine format or printing and shipping costs will be quoted separately.

Anticipated timeframe from start to finish: 2-3 weeks