Website for Your Investment Company, Rule 506(c) or Reg A+ Securities Offering

In this day and age, any reputable, professional company has got to have a dynamic online presence. We can design a website to showcase your project and team with information that’s available 24/7 across a variety of online platforms.




Let us design and set up a website for your Securities Offering. Using our copy editing and design services, we will ensure that your website has the same theme and look as your Company Brochure, Business Plan and Investment Summary. The goal is to help your company compete for investor dollars with high-dollar hedge funds.

Our flat-rate pricing includes setup and design of a 5-page website and includes up to 20 hours of drafting/editing/design time and review/editing by a Corporate Securities Attorney; additional time is billed at $150/hour. After setup, maintenance can be handled by your team or one of our referrals. Your website is where your investors will go to make sure your company is legit, and it’s the place where you showcase the experience of your team.

If you are doing Regulation D, Rule 506(c) or Reg A+ Offerings, you can even post your Investment Summary on this site. Want to use a Securities Broker/Dealer to process your transactions? We can embed their links in your website so that your investors have a seamless, secure investing experience.

We make you look great – all you have to do is bring the investors.

Websites will include 5 pages:

  • home page
  • about page
  • contact page / questionnaire
  • 2 additional pages of your choice

Terms: 3 rounds of review.

Additional drafting and editing time is billed at $150/hr
and addition securities attorney time is billed at $595/hr.

If work not completed within 60 days, project will be subject to hourly billing from that point forward.

DISCLAIMER: Note that this is a non-legal service purchased from Multifamily Matrix. Thus, this product is not subject to Vendor-Client privilege or confidentiality. However, as an internal policy, we do not share work we do for you with others. Each marketing piece we draft is unique and customized to each of our clients and their specific businesses. That being said, there may be commonalities between your plan and one we have created for others. This is unavoidable simply because there is only so much that can be said about certain types of offerings, and there is specific information that investors need that is common to all such marketing materials.