Quick Facts: Ownership and Management

U.S. Household Characteristics

Household Characteristics provides an overview of the type of structures that renters live in, as well as their household living arrangements, number of members per household, and their number of vehicles per household.

U.S. Household Incomes

Household Incomes provides a snapshot of the incomes for both apartment households and all households, as well as median household incomes over time for different household types. This section also illustrates how the income distribution of apartment households has changed over time.

Renters and Owners

Renters and Owners includes the share of households and residents that rent vs. own. Also included are the age distributions of U.S. renter/owner households and residents.

Households with Children

Households with Children provides a snapshot of the prevalence of children and school-age children (ages 6-17) in various household types. The data includes single-family owners, single-family renters, multifamily renters, and multifamily owners, as well as information on apartment households based upon the year their apartment home was built.

Geography of Apartment Residents

Geography of Apartment Residents gives an overview of the distribution of apartment residents across the 50 states, as well as the population and number of apartment residents in some of the largest metro areas in the U.S.

Transportation to Work/Telecommunting

Transportation to Work/Telecommuting looks at the most common ways that apartment householders get travel to work, in addition to their commute times.