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Summer is on its deathbed and that means that busy season for landlords is coming to an end. If you’ve found yourself in a residency rut, it might be time to switch tactics. After all, gaining new renters can be an effort in trial and error thanks to the fickle qualities inherent in the real estate market. If you’re trying to appeal to a new demographic, why not invest in the families moving into your area?

Family-friendly real estate can be hard to come by in a big city but this fact works in your favor; while other realtors are trying to appeal to the younger demographics, countless families are hoping to move at the start of the school year. Many millennials have begun to have children and this demographic currently makes up the largest population of homebuyers.

It’s important to note that studies show the average amount it takes to sell a house in the U.S. is $15,200. Whether you’re trying to rent or sell a family-friendly property, here are some of the top ways you can market your home online.

First: Start a blog

Did you know that blog content can boost your site’s traffic by more than 2,000%? If you’re not using a blog, that means countless people are missing out on seeing your beautiful property. Before you start tweaking your site and changing your listings to gain new attention, you need to work on the components of your website that will get it seen in the first place.

You can also use your blog to highlight the wonderful qualities of your neighborhood that would make a young family want to move in. While noting the perks in your property listings is a necessity, these points rarely give you the space you need to explain why this area is so wonderful. As you build your blog, writing about a variety of neighborhood topics can help keep your potential tenants more informed during the decision-making process.

You can also supplement your blog with pictures of your property. Nowadays, potential renters want to see high-quality photos of the properties you have for sale. Try including a scroller at the bottom of your helpful blog to inspire readers to view properties that they may not have considered!

Without further ado, here are some of the top qualities you should be listing — and writing about — when you try to market your property as a family-friendly space.


One of the top features a family looks for in a new neighborhood is the quality of the school system. Parents want a school with high test scores to give their child the best shot at success. For example, many Maryland landlords often highlight their advanced placement scores; this state leads the country with an average score of 3.03 out of a top score of five.

While your neighborhood might not be as successful as Maryland — few are — you can highlight some of the top schools in your area. If you don’t know which schools are the best, there are plenty of online resources you can use to get more information. Sites like greatschools.org can give you more insight into what makes your area unique. Reading parent reviews can also give you a better idea of what parents are looking for in a great school system. Use these perks as selling points on your website to prove that your property is a stand-out from the rest.

Green spaces

Every parent wants to get their children outside and active. In the city, it can be hard to find green spaces to go on walks and enjoy the benefits of nature. In fact, it’s estimated that 52% of children under the age of 15 are breathing unhealthy air each day. And when you don’t have access to a healthy lifestyle, you can fall into deleterious pitfalls.

Inactive individuals might find themselves suffering from unfortunate health issues like insomnia. This leads into a positive feedback loop of drinking coffee and — even worse — energy drinks. These acidic beverages can wear down your enamel twice as fast as sports drinks. If your property is located near parks, beaches, or local hiking trails, these are all huge selling points for the active family searching for a healthy lifestyle. Showcasing eco-friendly electronics, like Energy-Star rated ovens are a huge draw, too. The DOE estimates that energy consumption will increase by 45% in the next 20 years; as such, featuring energy-efficient appliances is essential.


A safe neighborhood is a healthy neighborhood. Parents might be more strict than they used to be, but they’re still willing to let their kids visit a friend’s house down the block. Luckily, millions of people have shared what it’s like to live in your area. When you want to highlight the safety features in your neighborhood, rely on these reviews and supplement these with statistics to back up your claims.

For example, a recent PEW Research Center survey that 93% of citizens prefer the use of body cameras on police officers. If your city’s police force engages in active efforts to make the public feel safer, this could be that final push to gain a new tenant in your property. You should also note if your neighborhood is a community watch area and the levels of crime. Even though your property might not be located in the best area for crime, fudging these numbers to look better could damage your reputation in the long run. Be honest and encouraging, but rest assured that your tenant will make the right decision in the end.


The local vibe of a location is one of the largest selling points for a family-oriented neighborhood. Not only does a family want a safe location to raise their children, but they also want access to local shops and stores within walking distance. This touches on families looking for an active lifestyle as well.

It’s estimated that 35% of customers will find out about a business by seeing their sign as they walk past. If a new family has to drive 30 minutes to visit the nearest store, they’re likely going to look for other properties in close proximity to the features they want. When you’re building your website and tweaking your listing, be sure to note the local shops that your tenants can walk to on a daily basis.

Perhaps more importantly, families also want to be located nearby medical centers and dental clinics. Growing children need to visit these spaces more often than adults to ensure that they’re meeting developmental milestones as they age. In fact, more than 32% of people are concerned by the look of their own teeth, making this an important feature for parents, as well. That makes their presence a huge selling point to a new family moving into your area. Living close to these essential spaces can help ease a parent’s worries.

Listen to renters in your area

These are just some of the ways you can appeal to families that are looking to rent your home. While these are safe tips and tricks for most areas, it’s up to you to make your rental truly unique. Brush up on the desired areas in your neighborhood to see what renters are looking for and try to fill that niche. This might include showcasing fast communication with the landlord (you), providing access to in-unit laundry, and featuring dog-friendly properties. After all, more than 75 million pet dogs throughout the United States. Don’t be afraid to do a little research to meet the needs of your tenants. Happy renting!

This article contains general information and does not contain legal advice. Buy It, Rent It, Profit is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. The law is complex and changes often. For legal advice, please ask a lawyer.


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