How To Set Your Business Apart With Personal Connections

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As our society and economy grows increasingly mobile, people expect business to be done faster and faster. Services such as Uber, Airbnb, and Lyft help reduce the cost of travelers by sharing the expenses across a crowd of customers. This is becoming increasingly commonplace in the world of business travel, so why not take it to the next level? After all, many businesses need travel, but they also need that cornerstone of customer service, a receptionist.

Setting yourself apart with personal connections helps to maintain happy business relations on any front. Landlord/tenant relations in particular can be a mixed bag. Even the best of landlords can seem cold and distant if a tenant’s call is not taken care of right away, a situation that might happen if many calls have come in at once. Hiring a receptionist is one solution, but during times when no calls come in, you may have to find new duties for the receptionist in order to justify the expense. Or you could join a partnership of two or three other landlords and hope nobody leaves the partnership. In our property management company, we use a company called Ruby Receptionists.

Ruby Receptionists is similar to the partnership plan to lower receptionist costs, but in this case you don’t have to establish a new business identity and jump through the hoops like in the old days. It’s like a contracted team of receptionists who answer your calls with your greeting. Messages can be taken, calls patched through, and everything else a regular, full-time receptionist does for a fraction of the cost.

Why Not Just Hire A Receptionist?

Hiring your own receptionist might not be cost-effective for your business. Insurance as well as wages can become costly, and if your receptionist should fall ill or get injured, you need to hire a temp right away (who might not know the particulars of your business) or handle the calls yourself.

By sharing the cost of a team that knows your business, you can have several receptionists for a fraction of the cost. The average wages of a single receptionist can be close to $2000.00 a month. By comparison, Ruby Receptionists offers plans that cost $259.00, $489.00, and $989.00 a month. Even the highest level of service is less than half the cost of a full-time receptionist!

By using Ruby Receptionists services, sick days are also a thing of the past. Someone is there to answer your calls and take your messages for better than half of a day, and not just a work day. Thirteen hours a day, 5AM to 6PM Pacific time, 8AM to 9PM Eastern, Monday through Friday, friendly, cheerful, and professional receptionists stand ready to answer your phone when it rings and to return calls if your schedule is keeping you from doing so.

What About My Spanish-speaking Tenants?

When the receptionist first answers the call, the greeting is in English. If the caller indicates that they only speak Spanish, or are simply more comfortable communicating in Spanish, the receptionist can transfer the call to a Spanish-speaking receptionist for more comfortable communication. If you have a line specifically for Spanish-speaking tenants, they can be sent directly to a bilingual receptionist.

Holding the Line

This may seem like a trivial matter, but have you ever been on hold with dreadful music playing? Or worse, the person you called is using a local radio station for their hold music and they just happen to play something so foul and offensive that you just hang up? It can be hard to find the right hold music to keep your callers on the line without boring them to tears (or worse, offending them!).

Ruby Receptionists offers six channels of music to choose from for your hold music including Americana, Classical, Urban, Rock, Electro-Chill, and World. If none of those appeals to you, you have the option to provide your own hold music or custom message for a small fee.

Free Yourself From the Office!

Services like Uber, Airbnb, and Lyft unchained travelers and business people from the costs of owning fleets of cars, renting rooms or personal vehicles, and other aspects of travel that made it quite expensive and often a little inconvenient. By hiring Ruby Receptionists you can stay as mobile as your business, taking care of matters that require your immediate attention while highly professional receptionists answer your calls and deliver your messages.

Whether you’re showing a property to a prospective tenant, overseeing a major project, or just taking some well-earned time off, you’ll find that having a team of receptionists handling your calls is quite the relief both for your workload as well as your pocket-book. That makes them real gems!

Still Not Sure?

Ruby Receptionists understands that your business is your baby. Rather than asking you to just sign up immediately, you can give it a try before committing to anything. Take Ruby Receptionists for a “test spin”. You can see for yourself the service and professionalism that sets Ruby Receptionists apart from ordinary answering services. If you are not happy for any reason, your money will be refunded with the same courtesy and professionalism that all of our customers receive.

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