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Investing as a Business (Benefits of Setting Up a Business for Your Real Estate Investments)

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LLC and Corporation formation

Setting up the right business structure for your real estate investments is one of the first things you should do. Forming your business will allow you to access up to 250 different tax deductions to help you save THOUSANDS in taxes, even if you’re just starting out. Schedule an appointment today.

Benefits of Setting Up a Business for Your Real Estate Investments

Tax Savings

With the change in the tax code in 2018, businesses can no longer use business tax deductions without the proper entity structure.

With the correct setup, business owners can access up to 250 different tax deductions to pay THOUSANDS less in taxes.

PRIME works directly with the new tax code to make sure you have the right structure to save big come tax season.

Business Funding

With an established business entity, business owners can establish a business credit profile to help fund their ventures.

Business credit gives business owners an alternate way to fund their businesses instead of relying on personal funds and credit.

PRIME can help you build your business credit profile quickly and efficiently to access large loans or credit cards at 0-2% interest rates!

Asset Protection

There are over 40 million lawsuits filed every year. With an established business entity you are able to protect your cash accounts and personal assets from business liability.

If you were to be sued for anything real estate related, you need to make sure your personal assets aren’t at risk.

PRIME can show you how to separate or quarantine your assets to manage and minimize your risk.

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